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LucidShape Product

Meet a family of tools that exists for one reason: helping optical engineers speed into the future of automotive lighting design.

Quickly Create Reflector or Lens Geometry

Quickly and easily create reflector or lens geometry with LucidShape FunGeo. It leverages proprietary algorithms that automatically calculate and construct optical geometries based on user-defined illuminance and intensity patterns. This unique, functional approach gives you the freedom to focus on overall design objectives rather than the implementation details of complex optical components

Produce Rapid Illumination Simulations

Accelerate LucidShape illumination simulations with GPUTrace and experience a quantum leap in speed! LucidShape is the first optical simulation software to take advantage of graphics processing unit (GPU) computing to deliver simulation speed increases by orders of magnitude compared to multithreading capabilities.

Deliver High-Speed Photorealistic Images

Use LucidShape\’s Visualize Module to demonstrate luminance effects when light sources in a model are illuminated and depict all interactions between system geometry and light sources. Designers can then evaluate how a lighting system such as turn signals and brake light will be perceived by the human eye. The Visualize Module is a fast, reliable engineering tool that enables designers to perform design checks and make improvements early and often in the product development process.

Start with the Best Match

Find the best match for your design with the many modules LucidShape offers. Multiple modules can be licensed in various configurations to best match your needs.

LucidShape SmartStart Library

Save time and reduce costs with access to a library of materials and media commonly used in the design of automotive lighting systems. Includes refractive index and absorption data as well as pre-defined volume scatter and BSDF materials.


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