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ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 6

ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 6

Bentley Systems announces the general access of the ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 6 ( structural detailing application, which incorporates the capabilities of the ProSteel and ProConcrete applications.


Important Note:In Update-6 of ProStructures CONNECT Edition, a new configuration has been added. As a result, when user will upgrade from Update 5 to Update 6 and open a file that is associated with the custom created WorkSet OR open a new file in a custom WorkSet, the following \’Configuration Audit Alert\’ message pops-up and prompts to make the required changes in the WorkSet configuration file (*.cfg)

Following line to be added to the particular Coustom WorkSet.cfg file: %include $(_USTN_WORKSETSTANDARDS)ProStructures/*.cfg


New Ribbon Group:New ribbon group "Interoperability" is added to Steel and Concrete workflows. This group is included with buttons for ISM, IFC import, IFC export, etc.

New Ribbon Group and Tab in Steel Workflow :

– User Connection ribbon group is added in Steel Workflow

– New tab "Connections and Objects" is added

ProStructures display tools now support MS Solid :ProStructures display tools like Object View Center, Object Viewpoint, Object ACS Centered, and Object ACS at point support now native MicroStation elements.

PS Properties changed to Structural Properties:PS Properties is now changed to Structural Properties.

Dynamic Structural Properties dialog:Element Properties values i.e., Length and Weight in Structural Properties dialog box now react dynamically with the change in the 3D model.

One Configuration:One configuration variable has been added to ProStructures to support single configuration with other products when integrated with other Power Product applications in ProjectWise environment. The new variables are added in "msconfig.cfg file" located in "C:Program FilesBentleyProStructures CONNECT EditionProStructuresConfig"


User Connection:User Connection has been introduced in this release as a Technology Preview Feature. User connection will help users in creating custom connection and can be stored in a library for re-using it in the same or another dgn.

Dynamic feature added to ProSteel Shape placement:The dynamic feature has been added to ProSteel shapes placements.

Drawing Partlist:

– Diagonal Stacked fraction type is introduced for Imperial units in Drawing Partlist feature.

– Improved Drawing Partlist User Interface

– Header and Footer tab are now in one place.

– Introduced Color and Line Weight option.

– Trailing zero can now be removed.

– Having control over length limitations for displaying in Inches alone and Feet-Inches.

– Better controls were introduced to manage the margin

– No more Layout tab. Layout Tab is now replaced and shifted to Insert tab

Creation Of Steel Standard Shape on a 3D Spline :Standard Steel Shapes can now be placed on 3D Spline.

Restores the original length of a Shape when applied Cut to the removed : Original length of a shape now can be restored when applied cut is removed.

Please Note, currently, this feature is only applicable for current cut

New Button added in General Base Plate Dialog :A new recursive button has been added in the General Base Plate connection dialog box. This button will help in placing base plate connection multiple times with current settings without exiting out of the command.k

Stiffener Option added to Shear Plate Connection :Stiffener option has been added to Shear Plate connection.

Improved Arrow presentation in Position flag:Arrow Presentation in Position flag has been improved.

Selected Part in Revision Center gets highlighted :Selected part in Revision center now gets highlighted in 3D design model. This will facilitate user to easily identify the member by just selecting the part in revision center and can detect the member.

Grid Dimensions specified in Imperial Units :In ProSteel Options, Plate Grid dimensions can now be specified in imperial units.

Improved Plate tool:A new Insertion Plane option "Automatic" is introduced in Plate tool which will now allow to place plate without setting ACS.

Boolean Subtraction In modify tool has been enhanced :Boolean Subtraction in Modify tool is now become more enhanced. The part can be cut now even in thickness side of the Subtraction solid or plate.

Chamfer to Stiffener Option added in Column Web Moment Connection :In Column Web Moment connection, the option for providing chamfer to the stiffener is added.

Improved Purlin Fly-Brace connection :Purlin Fly-Brace connection with the option "Both Sides" now can be possible even if the purlin is not split at the rafter.

Polycuts in 3D model :Polycuts in 3D model can be selected without evoking into Structural Properties of the element. Please use following key-ins…

– Show Modification: prosteel showmodifications

– Hide Modification: prosteel hidemodifications

Substation Tools improvements:

– Symmetric A-Frame : Symmetric A-Frame, middle brace longer piece of shape is now set as main part of group.

– Combination Horizontal Brace : In Combination Horizontal Brace, the plates of support are now grouped into Frame as subparts and not be grouped individually.

– Brace Support Plate : Brace Support Plate is now grouped with the pipe to which it is attached. If the supporting pipe is already part of a group, then new elements get added to the same group.

– Horizontal Support plate : Horizontal Support plate, plates of support are now grouped into Frame leg as subparts and not individually. Also, the Horizontal Plate cut with Frame leg has been improved.

– Single Leg Brace : Single Leg Brace, the plates of support are now grouped with sloped leg as subparts and not individually.

– Double Leg Brace : In Double Leg Brace, plates of support are now grouped with Frame leg as subparts and not individually. This will help to fabricate these plates as one assembly along with the leg.

– Double Frame Cap : Double Frame Cap, the plates of cap are now grouped with frame and not separately.


New button in Column Reinforcing tool :Introduced new button in Ties tab of Column Reinforcing Tool: Added new button "Changes the location of the End Condition" which can now allow to change the location of End condition of ties to the next location upon click."

Radial Option added in Bar Range Attributes Dialog :Radial option is added to Bar Range Attributes dialog.

Lapping Supported for Radial Rebar segments :Lapping is now supported for radial rebar segments.

New Tool added to PC Toggle :New tool is added to PC Toggle for highlighting owner concrete and it\’s rebars together. Here, rebar needs to be selected first and owner concrete automatically gets selected.

Save Button added in Pad Footing dialog :In Pad Footing dialog box, new "Save" button is added to place recurring footings with same setting without exiting the dialog.

Footing ReinforcingClone Tool :Footing Reinforcing clone tool now works in continuation. Footing rebar can be cloned multiple times in one click.

Rebar End Condition Modification Tool :Rebar End Condition modification tool performance is improved.

Bar Modification Tool Palates :Bar modification tool palates are combined with 2D Rebar dialogs.

Dowel Bars identification :During bar marking process, dowel bars are now identified and as type T1

Support Added to place Opening and Perimeter Trimmer Reinforcement for MS Solids :Support is added to place opening and perimeter trimmer reinforcement for MS solids.

Automatic Lap functionality for Spiral bars :Added Automatic Lap functionality for Spiral Ties of Circular Columns.

Closed Bottom transverse Rebar are treated as alternate Bars :Closed Bottom Transverse Rebar in the continuous footing reinforcing are treated as alternate bars. All other types of rebars will be treated as main bar.

Support for Whole Bar and Long Bar Fudge are added:Introduced Whole Bar Fudge along with Single bar. Also, Long Bars can also be Fudged either choosing Single Bar or the set of Bars.

Enhanced Level Defaults :In Level Defaults, new option "Inherit properties from 3D rebar level" is introduced which will allow to inherit properties from 3D level to 2D level, Currently, three properties can be inherited i.e. Color, weight and Line style and applicable to 2D rebar only.

Swedish rebar shape file (rsf) :Swedish rebar shape file (rsf) is updated for shape U and V.

New in iTwin Analytical Synchronizer CONNECT Edition V12 Update 1 Patch 1

Release Date: 20th December 2021

This is a Patch Release and addresses:

– Updated Security Components to adhere to Security Requirements

Product:ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 6