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KESZ ConSteel v15

KESZ ConSteel v15

ConSteel provides a structural analysis software for the design office mainly involved in constructions of steel and composite structures


Consteel has broadened the concept of traditional bar members with the Superbeam

concept, which allows performing the analysis on two consistently generated calculation

models (bar and shell model). The member model in Consteel 15 is still builtup with

conventional 1D bar members, however, with the help of a simple switch, it is possible

for any bar member with welded Isection to switch between using a conventional 7DOF

bar or a shell finite element for the analysis (other section types are coming later). This

makes it possible to examine certain structural parts more thoroughly with the accuracy

of the 2D shell model while keeping the possibility of simple modeling and modification

offered by 1D bar members. It is important to note that this finite element model change

is fully automatic and can be reversed at any time.

Extended modeling of the bar members also allows the incorporation of details such as

web cutouts and stiffeners into the model. The placed detail objects are also

automatically converted into shell members and participate in the stress and buckling


It is possible to place three types of stiffeners:

perpendicular plate

perpendicular profile

parallel plate

The cutouts that can be placed anywhere on the web can also take three forms:




(Note: Structural design (global or member level) is available only for members

calculated with beam finite elements. For members calculated with shell finite elements

Product:KESZ ConSteel v15