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Diffsys v5.1

Diffsys v5.1

DIFFSYS is available in several packages and options depending on the customer needs. An outline of the available options and applications is displayed below.

Every DIFFSYS purchase comes with:

  • 12 months technical support,
  • 12 months full guarantee
  • 80 page color instruction manual

The Basic Diffsys version is included with the sale of all machines. Basic is based on Diffsys "A" version with the following features removed:

  • Multi-Segments, Basic can only do a single asphere, and cannot create any features, e.g. edge features
  • B-Axis
  • Wheel, Flycutter and Ball cutter tools, only Diamond tools are available
  • Feedrates
  • Surface increments, Basic only allows increments along the X-Axis, and not draped over the surface
  • G01/G03 commands, Basic does not allow to use these special commands for controlling the machine with curved lines between points
  • Sinewaves
  • Second Asphere
  • 2D Lenslet array
  • Converting any surface into a fresnel

Product:Diffsys v5.1