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Features Allplan Engineering Building 2022

Optimal Buildability through seamlessly integrated processes

Allplan 2022 supports thorough capture of the construction environment with functionality for terrain model and road design. For the detailing of the building model, the new version offers optimized tools for modeling, reinforced concrete and steel structures as well as new functions for implementation on the construction site. At the same time, the new version impresses with optimized user-friendliness in many areas. The new version Allplan Bridge 2022 focuses on the design of bridges with precast girders. Through the integration of the previously independent Nemetschek company Precast Software Engineering, the ALLPLAN portfolio has been expanded to include a solution for the design and production of precast elements.

Allplan 2022: easy operation right from the start

To make it easier to get started with Allplan, the tooltips have been enhanced: when you hover over an icon with the mouse button, a brief explanation of the function is now automatically displayed. Developments to standardize the user interface have also been continued: For example, property palettes have been added for more object types such as openings and steel connections components. For the simplified use of cloud services, there is now a common login for Allplan Connect and Bimplus. Another new feature is the ability to rotate around a selected object in the animation.

Optimizations for installation and project import

With the new Windows Installer, you can now get started even faster. The user guidance has also been redesigned and simplified. The download and installation process has been speeded up. This significantly speeds up the download and installation process. If you have a large number of workstations, you can save all settings and then run the installation completely automatically. In addition, projects can now be imported from any source directly in the project selection dialog. The Allplan Workgroup Manager can be activated or deactivated at any time.

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