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Extended Interoperability

DesignBuilder provides multiple import and export options in a variety of formats to maximise interoperability with other tools. Two new interoperability options have been added in v7:

  • You can now Import EnergyPlus IDF files created in 3rd party tools such as OpenStudio into DesignBuilder. The new IDF Import tool allows the building geometry, construction, glazing, materials and shading data in EnergyPlus IDF model files to be imported into a DesignBuilder model. Zones on the same storey are grouped into a block which makes re-partitioning and data organisation easier. All EnergyPlus versions from 7.2 forwards are supported.
  • A new Link to MagiCAD allows you to export your loads from DesignBuilder to MagiCAD to further develop the heating, cooling and ventilation design. A typical workflow involves opening DesignBuilder directly from within the MagiCAD Revit plugin, running the loads calculations in DesignBuilder and importing the results back into MagiCAD where they can be used for equipment selection etc.
  • Improvements to gbXML import for models with spaces that are not fully enclosed.