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Bentley PLAXIS

Bentley PLAXIS

PLAXIS is a software system based on the finite element method used to solve problems of engineering geotechnics, design and engineering geology. It is a package of computational programs for finite element calculation of the stress-strain state of structures, foundations and foundations.

PLAXIS 3D. Perform 3D deformation and stability analysis on your next geotechnical project using PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite. It is a finite element and limit equilibrium analysis package that includes specialized functionality for vibration and groundwater analysis.

PLAXIS 2D. Perform 2D geotechnical deformation and stability analyzes with PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite, a powerful finite element and limit equilibrium analysis toolkit that includes specialized functionality for vibration, groundwater and heat flow analysis.

PLAXIS Designer. Geotechnical Modeling Tool reduces design and analysis time using soil structure, structure, topology, wells and water data.

PLAXIS LE. Complement your 2D or 3D slope stability analysis with the ultimate equilibrium method with unsaturated groundwater seepage flow or stress analysis.

PLAXIS Monopile Designer. Enhance your single pile foundation designs with PLAXIS Monopile Designer and reduce wind farm construction costs.


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