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Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) vP-2020.09 SP6 for linux

Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) vP-2020.09 SP6

The Leader in Place and Route

IC Compiler™ II is the industry leading place and route solution that delivers best-in-class quality-of-results (QoR) for next generation designs across all market verticals and process technologies, while enabling unprecedented productivity. IC Compiler II includes innovative for flat and hierarchical design planning, early design exploration, congestion aware placement and optimization, clock tree synthesis, advanced node routing convergence, manufacturing compliance, and signoff closure.

Fastest Path to Design Closure

IC Compiler II is specifically architected to address aggressive performance, power, area (PPA), and time-to-market pressures of leading edge designs. Key technologies include a pervasively parallel optimization framework, multi-objective global placement, routing driven placement optimization, full flow Arc based concurrent clock and data optimization, total power optimization, multi-pattern and FinFET aware flow and machine learning (ML) driven optimization for fast and predictive design closure. Advanced Fusion technologies offer signoff IR drop driven optimization, PrimeTime® delay calculation within IC Compiler II, exhaustive path based analysis (PBA) and signoff ECO within place and route for unmatched QoR and design convergence.

product:Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) vP-2020.09 SP6 for linux