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Snopsys PrimeTime 2020.09 for linux

Snopsys PrimeTime 2020.09 for linux

PrimeTime Static Timing Analysis

The Golden Signoff Solution

The PrimeTime® Suite delivers fast, memory-efficient scalar and multicore computing, distributed multi-scenario analysis and ECO fixing using POCV and variation-aware modeling.

Synopsys\’ PrimeTime static timing analysis tool provides a single, golden, trusted signoff solution for timing, signal integrity, power and variation-aware analysis.

It delivers PrimeSim™ HSPICE®  accurate signoff analysis that helps pinpoint problems prior to chip tapeout thereby reducing risk, ensuring design integrity, and lowering the cost of design. This industry gold-standard improves your team’s productivity by delivering fast turnaround to shave precious time from development schedules for large and small designs while ensuring first-pass silicon success through greater predictability and the highest accuracy. The solution is scalable to handle the largest chips imaginable with distributed analysis, scalable architecture and hierarchical methodology.


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