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LightTools 9.1

LightTools 9.1

From Optical Properties to Task Aliases: Customize LightTools for You!

Last month, we presented a LightTools Tech Talk called “Customizing LightTools: Efficient Ways to Apply Custom Model Settings” that explained how to use a script file as an alias for a longer set of commands. Since customization is on our mind, we would like to highlight a couple of ways to customize your interactions with LightTools, from simple to advanced. In this tip, you\’ll learn how to:

Edit your LightTools environment to match your preferred settings for optical properties, materials, receivers, sources, and more.

Change settings and specify frequently used inputs in an efficient manner by creating alias commands of one or more tasks.

Default Settings

For a LightTools model, there are many preferences and default settings available for you to customize to your interests and workflows.

First, under the Edit Menu > Preferences window are preferences to control settings like:

New receiver and source units (i.e. radiometric vs. photometric units)

New source spectrums

Radius mode vs. curvature mode

Materials of new objects

Relative Ray Power Threshold

Product:LightTools 9.1