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VirutalLab FUSION 7.6

VirutalLab FUSION 7.6

VirtualLab Fusion Discover a unique optical design software with ray tracing tools and fast physical optics modeling.

VirtualLab Fusion Basic provides a broad collection of technologies and covers a wide range of applications, far beyond just „Basic“.


  • Lens systems can be analyzed with not just ray tracing, but also the unique field tracing. All aperture-diffraction effects be can considered within a system, for both imaging and laser systems.
  • The innovative channel concept enables a very convenient mechanism for the modeling of interferometric systems, like Michelson, Mach-Zehnder Interferometers, as well as optical etalons.
  • With physical-optics-based sources and detectors, VirtualLab Fusion Basic covers topics like ultrashort pulse modeling, VCSEL modeling, fiber coupling analysis, and so on.
  • It is even customizable! With the inbuilt user-friendly programming language, or also via others like Python and Matlab, the modeling and design possibilities can be further extended.

With all the technologies from the Basic edition, VirtualLab Fusion Advanced adds the Fourier Modal Method (FMM) as a rigorous vectorial method for modeling periodic structures (1D and 2D).


  • It includes pre-defined models for surface-relief gratings, holographic volume gratings, and even metagratings.
  • One can analyze either the diffraction properties of an isolated grating device, or check its performance when used together with other components in a system.


Product:VirutalLab FUSION 7.6