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ASAP 2020 Next Generation v1

ASAP 2020 Next Generation v1

ASAP® is the time-proven industry standard in optical software, offering optical-system designers unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy. ASAP accurately predicts the real-world performance of automotive lighting, bio-optic systems, coherent systems, displays, imaging systems, lightpipes, luminaires, and medical devices.

ASAP Optics Manager

The ASAP Optics Manager is an easy-to-use interface that completely redefines the paradigm for working in the ASAP environment. A familiar CAD-like tree structure allows users to define new system parameters, create a variety of optical surfaces and components, add a light source, and setup ray tracing and analysis options using simple menus and the included ASAP Catalogs for Media, Coatings, Scatter Models, Sources and Lenses. The as-defined system can be run with a single mouse click and all optical components, ray traces, and analyses can be saved for later post processing. And the new ASAP Optics Manager will function without a single line of script needed!

Automatic Script Creation

Speaking of script… with the launch of the new Optics Manager in ASAP NextGen, BRO will offer another industry first for optical design software. Once systems are constructed with initial parameters, geometry, sources, and analyses, ASAP NextGen will automatically create a working script from the system definition. Users needing access to ASAP’s powerful scripting language can immediately modify and run these scripts to add single and multivariable analysis and optimization to their design tasks. In combination with the Optics Manager, the new automatic script creation engine will make ASAP NextGen the most complete and easiest to use optical design software on the market.

New C# and Iron Python Scripting

Scripting in ASAP in now even more powerful with the addition of C# and improved Iron Python and Visual Basic alternate languages. These codes provide access to a full suite of open source forms, mathematical functions, data processing, optimizers and visualization tools that greatly enhance ASAP in solving a wide variety of optical design simulation and analysis problems. Switching between languages is done with a simple mouse click, and ASAP\’s built in parsing tools provide real-time error checking and debugging.

Parallel + Optional Remote Distributed Processing

With ASAP NextGen, BRO introduces another new paradigm for ray tracing speed and efficiency. ASAP NextGen featuring CoreMax technology will automatically run parallel processes on all cores on a local PC as well as all cores on all PC\’s running the optional Remote distributed processing feature. In addition, users can control the number of cores accessed on each machine. This combination of parallel and Remote distributed processing is an industry first and will make ASAP NextGen the fastest ray tracing software with the highest level of computing power of any commercial optical design software.

Workflow Manager

Similar to the current ASAP Builder, the Workflow Manager provides quick and easy access to command menus for those users less comfortable with but who still need ASAP scripting,.Commands can be found using the available Search box or in the Workflow Manager tree. Each menu is clearly labeled to show the exact information needed to construct the command which is then automatically inserted at the cursor location of the current active script. We think you’ll agree that ASAP NextGen represents a completely new, fast, and intuitive way for current and future users to work in the ASAP environment.

Persistent 3D Viewer

The completely re-written 3D Viewer in ASAP NextGen will automatically update when any new surface, optical component or imported CAD geometry is added to the ASAP Optics Manager. Users can immediately see and verify the position and orientation of their systems, and the 3D Viewer contains several new features including part transparency, optional recoloring of surfaces or components, optional changes to background colors and lighting, and easy printing or saving of the 3D view to a variety of industry standard formats.

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