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zemax 2020

OpticStudio® is the world’s leading optical, illumination, and laser system design software. Top companies in aerospace, astronomy, automotive, biomedical research, consumer electronics, and machine vision, use OpticStudio as their optical systems design tool of choice. With its comprehensive set of analysis and simulation tools, OpticStudio stands alone in its feature set. No other optical software on the market today offers state-of-the-art optimization and tolerancing tools alongside a seamless integration to software created for CAD users, streamlining your team’s workflow and helping you get fully validated optomechanical designs out to market faster.

The latest OpticStudio 20.2 release combines new tolerancing features like Quick Yield and Tolerance Data Analyses to establish a new workflow that delivers early design insights, enabling designers to more easily balance performance with manufacturability.

Akil Bhagat reviews the new features included in this release and demonstrate how this new functionality opens a new workflow that empowers optical design teams to reduce production costs and get better products to market faster.

Learn how you can achieve:

  • Quick insights into how designs are affected by manufacturing and alignment errors without running a full Monte Carlo analysis.
  • Transform manufacturability data into yield curves and histograms.
  • Start a new design with the help of a library of over 600 pre-built OpticStudio design templates

Product:Zemax OPTICSTUDIO 20.2