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SOFiSTiK SP 2020-5 Build 1128

SOFiSTiK SP 2020-5 Build 1128

Construction software maker SOFiSTiK has launched a new version of its structural engineering software. This release added many new features and a completely re-designed user interface.

SOFiSTiK is a finite element package that has been developed specially for the analysis of civil engineering structures. The primary objective of this manual is to explain the general workflow for different standard projects such as bridge design, building design, steel design, geotechnics, dynamics and fire design.

With a simplified User Interface, member-orientated design workflows, extended interfaces for collaboration and other features, SOFiSTiK | 2020 has been developed to support you with your daily work.

SOFiSTiK is Europe’s leading software developer for analysis, design and detailing of building and infrastructure projects worldwide. Today, employing more than 70 people, we are one of the leading software developers for Finite Element Software in the construction industry, as well as for integrated detailing software based on Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit. SOFiSTiK’s subsidiary and Authorized Training Center BiMOTiON provides training and consulting for all aspects of implementing BIM workflows.

Product:SOFiSTiK SP 2020-5 Build 1128