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ANSYS SPEOS 2020 R2 for Siemens NX Series,

ANSYS SPEOS 2020 R2 for Siemens NX Series

ANSYS SPEOS for Siemens NX is a comprehensive solution for calculating natural and artificial lighting in the design, optimization, visualization and validation of optical systems in a Siemens NX environment

ANSYS SPEOS is a software product based on OPTIS optical technologies for modeling and virtual prototyping of optical systems and components. It allows you to simulate the illumination and optical characteristics of the developed physical systems, reducing the time and financial costs of creating a prototype.

ANSYS SPEOS provides wide functionality for the design of lighting systems, optical sensors, indicators on the windshield (ILS), equipment for the far infrared region of the spectrum, autonomous driving systems and other electronic devices of the next generation, allowing you to simulate the behavior of products when changing lighting parameters, to conduct them validation and verification of compliance with industry norms and standards.

ANSYS SPEOS has analysis tools for lighting in a wide range of radiation frequencies: from UV to near and far infrared, providing high-quality visualization based on the capabilities of human vision.

ANSYS SPEOS has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, and is fully compatible with the ANSYS Multiphysics ecosystem. Using HPC (High Performance Computing) technologies, SPEOS allows you to get results much faster and with greater accuracy. Access to ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler speeds up the development process. SPEOS Light Box exports the optical system with all its properties and dependencies to an encrypted file so that you can share your work with partners, while maintaining intellectual property in complete security. ANSYS SPEOS can be integrated with the main solvers of the ANSYS platform for experiment planning, model optimization and interdisciplinary analysis, for example, optical-mechanical or optical-thermal.

Key Features of ANSYS SPEOS

Extensive optical library

More than 4000 models of light sources (LEDs, fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.), materials for modeling the surface, texture or color, sensors, cameras and lenses, as well as SAE and ECE standards.

Infrared Analysis

Design of vision and detection systems (ground-based systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites) operating in the visible region, near and far infrared regions of the spectrum (wavelength more than 2000 nm).

Changing production parameters

Analysis of the sensitivity of the product in terms of appearance, performance and functionality to changes in production parameters, such as shape or position, verification of compliance with regulatory requirements and analysis of tolerances.


Product:ANSYS SPEOS 2020 R2 for Siemens NX Series,