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LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 Update 3

LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 Update 3

The LEAP development team is pleased to announce the availability of LEAP Bridge Concrete V19 Update 3 (Build . This release contains enhancements and bug fixes.

LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 Update 3 (October 15, 2019)

– Support of Louisiana DOT’s standard beams

– Unified method to import live loads in substructure

– It allows users to import live load effects as bearing forces in the substructure module through a text file in a standard manner.

– Enhancement of copy of rebars/strands in the superstructure module

– It increases the consistency to copy strands/rebars in various dialogs in the superstructure module. It allows users to click one button to copy strands, steel reinforcement from one beam to all other beams.

– Removal dependency of wind loads per FDOT SDG

– Default configuration when FDOT SDG option is selected for WS generation. With this enhancement, users can automatically generate load combinations when both WS and WL load types are presented.

Apart from the enhancements to LEAP Bridge Concrete listed above, this release in corporates fixes for the following bugs.

– Precast / Prestressed Girder module (formerly called CONSPAN)

. Camber and deflection were incorrectly calculated for the girder-by-girder analysis option.

. Error to locate the correct file path in a user’s file while the strand patterns were being configured.

– Substructure module (formerly called RC‐PIER)

. Pressure and trapezoidal forces were incorrectly read reversed in Column Loads window when the forces were being imported from a text file.

. Unable to retain the option of piles integral with cap in the frame analysis for abutment design.

. Incorrect load effects when a moment was applied at the bottom of pier column.

. Incorrect unit was shown in the design report for the manual input moment on pier column.

– Auto-design procedure of footing did not run when the Canadian and Indian design codes were selected.

. Incorrect load factors for WS and TU load types were used for the California option.

. Inconsistent definition of skew angle definition in the user’s manual.

– Spliced Girder tool (formerly called CONSPLICE)

. Unable to retain changes made in the library.

. Error in the calculations of the longitudinal strain in the web reinforcement on flexural tension side when the California option was selected.

Product:LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19 Update 3