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midas Gen 2019 v2.2

MIDAS Information Technology midas Gen 2019 v2.2

Midas Gen is an integrated solution from MIDAS Information Technology for designing and analyzing public buildings and structures. The program, with its intuitive user interface and powerful solutions, relying on the graphic power of modern computer systems, allows engineers to design and analyze their complex and complex structures immediately. Midas Gen provides accurate and realistic results using a wide variety of finite element analysis functions, as well as modern structural analysis theory.

These capabilities will increase unprecedented ease, versatility and structural design efficiency. This software is one of the most powerful applications in the field of designing construction and with the capabilities that it provides, it will increase the speed and quality of the final output.

Gen Gen 2019 v2.2 Features

  • Detailed details on the design of various structural components including metal columns and concrete sections and …
  • Exit for MIDAS / CIVIL and MIDAS / GEN software
  • It is possible to simulate the reaction of the structure against external loads such as earthquakes, wind and …
  • Structural visualization
  • Intelligent structure optimization
  • Automatic design based on various codes
  • Post-processing of different load combinations using design standards
  • Ability to choose the output display type
  • Full authority in structured analysis
  • Generate dynamic reports
  • Automatic mesh production for walls and surfaces
  • The possibility of designing steel, concrete, and concrete buried steel columns (SRCs)
  • Extensive library of finite elements such as ordinary rods, cones, trusses, dampers, cables and covers, and …

Product:midas Gen 2019 v2.2