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PointCab 3DPro 3.9

PointCab 3DPro 3.9

PointCab 3DPro provides the full range of functions. With these tools, the extraction of the most important information from large point clouds has never been so simple. Whether 2D or 3D functionality is used, PointCab enables an optimized workflow from the point cloud to the plan or 3D model.

With the possibility to connect PointCab directly to your CAD system via the 4CAD interface, BIM creation becomes child’s play (available for Revit & ARCHICAD). It goes without saying that the registration of terrestrial scans, georeferencing, and the combination of different point cloud data are included.


Architecture: building floor plans and sections, storey plans, façade plans, interior wall documentation, staircase measurement

Protection of historic buildings: elevations, ceiling frescoes

Surveying: site plans, as-built plans, ground plans, roof cadasters, pit sections, terrain models, tunnel sections, cross-sections, road profiles

Factory planning: piping documentation, fixture / fitting and machine plans, sections of production and factory buildings, sections for static analyses

Forensics: basis for simulations, trajectory analyses, accident documentation and much more


2D functions:

Layout & Section

Create distortion-free layouts and sections as ortho photos


Create measurements of angles, distances and surfaces, dimensioning and annotations


Match high-resolution images onto sections and layouts

Vectorizing Tools

Vectorize plans and create profile lines in an elevation model of the point cloud

3D functions:


Extraction of 3D points from sections and planar views


Analyze and protocol deviations of evenness


Create volume calculation protocols according to REB 22013

Space Warp

Orthophotos of cylindrical, polygonal and curved surfaces


Extract meshed digital 3D terrain models (DTM)

Point Cloud Export

Export specific parts of the point cloud

Product:PointCab 3DPro 3.9