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TEBIS 4.0 R7 SP2

TEBIS 4.0 R7 SP2

In Tebis, all multi-axes machining operations on milling, turning and turning/milling machines as well as with robots can be very easily planned and calculated without collisions. Integrated machine kinematics ensure automatic creation of homogeneous toolpaths with tilt direction checking and low tool wear. 

Multi-sided machining with positionable axes

Whether a part is to be milled simultaneously on multiple sides with positionable axes or by 5-axis simultaneous milling always depends on the specific machining task, the complexity of the part, and machine kinematics. In many cases, multi-sided machining is faster than 5-axis simultaneous machining and even yields better surface quality. 

2.5D multi-sided machining

The tool can be very easily positioned for any number of levels to machine 2.5D ruled geometries. This feature, combined with feature-based automated 2.5D machining, allows you to generate a omplete 5-sided machining operation quickly and with little effort within a single NC program.

Product:TEBIS 4.0 R7 SP2
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