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cam-tools 15.1

cam-tools 15.1

The Fastest and Most Accurate CAM Software on the Market

CAM-TOOL is a five-axis-control-machining-center compatible, high-end CAD/CAM system with a hybrid CAM engine (Polygon and Surface Calculation). This Hybrid capability enables direct machining to be applied to materials with a high degree of hardness. In addition, CAM TOOL provides a superior surface finish, longer tool life, reduced machining time and finishing time.

The Difference is in the Tool Path Calculation

Most CAM systems calculate their tool paths using what is referred to as a triangulation mesh. This means putting a virtual net over the model and using the intersecting points to calculate their tool paths. This mesh creates inaccuracies in the NC code, and in turn, your part. With CAM-TOOL’s surface calculation, your NC code is directly offset from the surfaces to ensure smooth, accurate tool paths that are true to the model. This higher accuracy NC code increases tool life, surface finish and produces more accurate parts.

Reduce your operating costs

Product:cam-tools 15.1
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