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TracePro simulates and optimizes light pipes, light guides, and non-imaging lenses and mirrors. With its full set of features, designers can simulate surface effects including absorption, specular reflection and transmission, and scattering. Users find that they can utilize virtual prototyping to successfully avoid intermediate steps and reduce manufacturing costs.

TracePro is also a powerful tool for the analysis of multiple aspects of imaging systems, including stray light and polarization effects. Bulk properties including absorption, scattering, and fluorescence enable the design and analysis of devices for a wide variety of applications. Users are able to build and test prototypes, avoiding the cost and time to build and test a series of physical prototypes.

TracePro provides an integrated software environment that helps you complete almost any task in contemporary illumination design. More than a ray tracing program, it also provides advanced tools for designing medical devices, illumination, display backlights, light pipes, automotive lighting, and many other applications.

Light Pipe Design

Light pipes or light guides are commonly used in consumer electronics, avionics, instrument panels, switches, indicators, and display devices.

Light pipes are clear plastic devices molded as a single piece, and are used to guide light to where it is needed. Gentle curves are used to steer light by Total Internal Reflection (TIR) combined with beveled corners that serve as mirrors. Hollow light tubes are also used in daylighting applications for buildings, tunnels, and other structures.

Example applications for light pipe design are:

  • Automotive instruments and dashboards
  • Aviation light panels, avionics, switches, and indicators
  • Displays, light panels, smart phones, tablets, HDTVs, and digital signage
  • Consumer electronic displays, knobs, and switches

The 3D virtual prototyping environment enables designers to accurately analyze and visualize light pipes before manufacture. This capability greatly reduces development time and allows designers to create better products in less time. The Photorealistic Rendering and Luminance Map accurately predict how the light pipe looks to the eye.

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