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Schlumberger IAM 2018.1

Schlumberger IAM 2018.1

Schlumberger Integrated Asset Modeler is a powerful tool that offers complete subsurface-to-surface modeling, including reservoir description and coupling to the wellbore, surface network and processing facilities. The Integrated Asset Modeler platform is supported by real-time planning and optimization technology, and is designed for use by Reservoir, Production, and Process Engineers, as well as Operations, Business Development, and Asset Management. You can deploy Integrated Asset Modeler in daily production optimization, short-term tactical planning and long-term strategic oil and gas reserve development.

Integrated Asset Modeler also serves as a host environment for managing reservoir simulation and proxy models, or any combination of these for the reservoir description. Integration with fiscal economics models to change the field-wide optimization from barrels per day to dollars per day (and even dollars per barrel and barrels per dollar) is at the heart of the IAM* workflow.

Employing reservoir, well, network, and processing models created in other applications (such as Schlumberger ECLIPSE® or PIPESIM®, Aspen Technology HYSYS™, or Petroleum Experts Gap™), you can use Integrated Asset Modeler to create integrated asset models that provide a complete picture of your resources, and a collaborative platform for your asset team.


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