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Bentley Multiframe v21.14.00.04

Bentley Multiframe v21.14.00.04


  •     32-bit and 64-bit versions
  •     Plate analysis/FEA
  •     Non-linear analysis
  •     Buckling analysis
  •     Lifting analysis
  •     Totally graphical interface
  •     Data exchange to and from AutoCAD, Excel, Word, etc
  •     Shape Editor section properties calculator

Fast and accurate structural analysis is the foundation of all computer aided structural design. Multiframe helps you get the results you need by providing powerful, yet easy to use analysis and design capabilities. Multiframe\’s analysis and design tools give you an exceptionally powerful and flexible means of creating, analyzing and examining results for your structures.

Multiframe Automation using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a feature unique among structural analysis programs. Using Automation, you can prepare calculations and drawings in Excel, Word, or AutoCAD, and dynamically access any and all of the design data you need directly from the Multiframe model. In Word, you can prepare a design template document and have it filled out automatically by data from Multiframe. In AutoCAD, you can automatically generate a drawing from a Multiframe model, or alternatively, generate a Multiframe model dynamically, directly from an AutoCAD drawing.

Multiframe is available in two versions to provide solutions matched to the varied tasks that you perform

Multiframe – 3D structural analysis and design.

Multiframe Advanced – 3D structural dynamic analysis and design.

Modeling features common in all versions

  •     Tension only/Compression only members
  •     Tension only/Compression only joint springs
  •     Joint springs
  •     Member end springs
  •     Joint linking
  •     Automatic generation of beams, arcs, multi-bay buildings, trusses, tanks, slabs and more
  •     Duplicate, rotate, move and mirror
  •     Subdividing and merging of members
  •     Design members
  •     Automatic generation of load panels
  •     Graphical creation of restraints, loads and geometry
  •     Zoom, shrink and pan
  •     Tool tips on joints and members
  •     Optional user defined node renumbering
  •     OpenGL rendering
  •     Transparent and/or invisible clipping and masking of model members based on user selection
  •     Unlimited undo and redo
  •     Selection based on box, line, member type, section type, etc
  •     Snap to grid or objects such as joints
  •     Continuous on screen dimensioning
  •     English or Metric units
  •     Member end offsets
  •     Automatic generation of plate elements
  •     Shape Editor for calculation of section properties of non standard shapes

Loading features common in all versions

  •     Joint point and moment loads
  •     Prescribed joint displacements
  •     Automatic self weight
  •     Global and local member point and moment loads
  •     Global and local member distributed loads including partial, triangular and trapozoidal loading
  •     Thermal loads
  •     Static load cases
  •     Combined load cases
  •     Enveloping load cases
  •     Global and local area loads
  •     Wind load case
  •     Water Current load case
  •     Buoyancy load case
  •     Hydrostatic load case

Additional loading features in Multiframe Advanced

  •     Joint masses
  •     Time History load case
  •     Seismic load case
  •     Sea motion load case

Analysis features common in all versions

  •     Linear and/or Nonlinear analysis
  •     P-delta and Tension only/Compression only analysis
  •     Plate/Finite Element analysis
  •     Buckling analysis
  •     Lifting analysis

Additional analysis features in Multiframe Advanced

  •     Modal analysis
  •     Time History analysis

Design features common in all versions

  •     AISC 2010 ASD & LRFD
  •     AISC 2005 ASD & LRFD
  •     AISI Cold Form
  •     9th Edition ASD
  •     3rd Edition LRFD
  •     Section libraries for US, Australia, UK, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden
  •     Hot rolled and cold form sections

Additional design features in Multiframe Advanced

  •     AIJ
  •     AS4600
  •     AS4100
  •     NZS3404
  •     BS5950
  •     Eurocode 3

Result features common in all versions

  •     Display of moments, shear, torsion, axial and deflections diagrams
  •     Graphical display of actions, deflections and stresses
  •     Color overlays of stress or actions
  •     Animation of deflected shapes
  •     Printouts of selected members or joints with print preview
  •     User defined layout of results
  •     User defined selection of extent of output
  •     Automatic bill of materials
  •     Built-in calculation sheet for detail design

Import/Export features common in all versions

  •     Multiframe Automation provides dynamic import and export to Automation enabled applications such as AutoCad, Word and Excel
  •     AutoCAD compatible import and export of DXF
  •     Steel detailing compatible import and export of SDNF
  •     Export to VRML file for 3D web browser viewing


Product:Bentley Multiframe v21.14.00.04