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RSoft Component suite 2018.03

RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite 2018

RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite allows users to design and simulate both passive and active photonic devices for optical communications, optoelectronics, and semiconductor manufacturing. RSoft currently addresses both passive and active devices through two design suites: a Passive Device Suite and an Active Device Suite. Each suite includes a CAD environment, simulation engines, and an optimization utility. Key Features Highly accurate algorithms allow for rapid virtual prototyping reducing the need for costly and lengthy physical prototyping increasing productivity and decreasing time-to-market. Assists in the discovery of new products by creating "what if" product scenarios. Each algorithm engine shares a common CAD interface; the software can utilize multiple RSoft packages without having to import designs from one software to the next. Scripting can be done with any programming language. Includes automated parameter scanning via MOST. Each simulation engine is licensed and sold separately, allowing users to choose only those that are relevant to their work. The latest RSoft™ product releases streamline photonic and optoelectronic modeling of silicon photonic and photonic integrated circuit devices and systems. RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite Version 2018.03 New and enhanced features in the RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite version 2018.03 include: Major enhancements to the S-Matrix/PDK Generation Utility, which automates the creation of custom process design kit (PDK) models to create a new PDK, augment an existing PDK, or generate IP. The PDK models can also be simulated in Synopsys\’ OptSim™ Circuit and exported to a circuit layout tool such as PhoeniX OptoDesigner. Enhanced support for all silicon photonics applications, including: New 3D wide-angle BPM algorithms, further extending BeamPROP\’s capabilities to simulate structures in silicon or other high-index contrast materials Improvements to FullWAVE modeling of dispersive materials, including automatic optimized fitting of materials and an approximately 30% speed improvement in the FDTD algorithm. RSoft Photonic System Design Suite Version 2018.03 New and enhanced features in the RSoft Photonic System Design Suite version 2018.03 include: In OptSim, support for m-QAM and arbitrary constellation shaping in OptSim DSP Library for MATLAB In OptSim Circuit: American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics) APSUNY PDK v2.0b Support for parametric custom PDK components created with the RSoft component tools S-Matrix/PDK Generation Utility Support for hierarchical components in the interface between RSoft OptSim Circuit and PhoeniX OptoDesigner tools Bidirectional NxM Electrical S-matrix block supporting Touchstone file format Link


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