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COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3a

COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3a (
General Updates

Support for 3Dconnexion® SpaceMouse® devices for easier model navigation
A new color table, Cividis, optimized for people with color vision deficiency
Cividis was created by Ryan Renslow, Chris Anderton, and Jamie Nuñez of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Option to save plots in models for faster rendering
Option to export animations in the WebM video format
Parametric models with user-defined functions
Model reduction based on modal analysis and asymptotic waveform evaluation (AWE)
Copy-paste functionality for physics interfaces or entire model components, within and in between COMSOL Multiphysics® sessions
Model methods in the model tree with input arguments
Automatic login to COMSOL Server™


A revolutionary new method for capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) simulations that significantly reduces computation times
Hybrid boundary-element–finite-element method (BEM-FEM) for magnetic field analysis
Material model for soft permanent magnets, to model permanent magnet (PM) motors, for instance
Adaptive frequency sweep for high-frequency electromagnetics
Library of more than 60 RF and microwave substrate materials from Rogers Corporation

Structural Mechanics and Acoustics

New Structural Mechanics Modeling Features in COMSOL® 5.3a Webinar Dec 21 [2 p.m. CET] [2 p.m. EDT]
New Acoustics Module Features in COMSOL® 5.3a Webinar Jan 11 [2 p.m. CET] [2 p.m. EDT]
Hybrid boundary-element–finite-element method (BEM-FEM) for acoustics and acoustic-structure interactions
Impulse response analysis for ray acoustics
Shape memory alloy (SMA) material models
Generalized fluid-structure interaction (FSI) interface with access to additional material models
Bolt thread contact modeling
Solid-beam connection in 3D models
Generalized plane strain formulation
Cam-Follower condition for multibody dynamics
Lumped Mechanical System interface for equivalent circuit models based on masses, dampers, and springs
Ball and roller bearings for rotordynamics simulations

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

Inlet boundary conditions for fully developed turbulent flow
Realizable k-ε turbulence model
Buoyancy-driven turbulence
All turbulence models now available for multiphase flow
Rotating machinery interfaces now available for all flow interfaces
New Moisture Flow multiphysics coupling interface couples CFD and Moisture Transport in Air interfaces automatically
Inlets with more realistic temperature distribution based on upstream temperature and pressure
Beer-Lambert law for absorption of light in weakly absorbing media


A built-in library of thermodynamic properties for calculating physical properties of pure fluids, mixtures, and two-phase fluid systems
Link between Reaction Engineering interface and thermodynamic property packages
Electrode reactions on thin electrode surfaces fully immersed in electrolyte
New Lithium-Ion Battery Designer app for optimizing batteries for specific applications

Core Expansions and Interfacing

150+ new materials with 800+ new material properties added to the Material Library, including new types of thermoplastics, hot-work tool steel, plastic mold steel, and more
New and updated busbar tutorials for all LiveLink™ products for CAD
A new Living Room Acoustics tutorial for LiveLink™ for Revit®
A Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet software button to export 1D plots more easily from the COMSOL Multiphysics® software
New and improved wrapper functions for LiveLink™ for MATLAB®
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