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The Material Cost Reduction Tool for Estimators, Product and
Tool Engineers

The most accurate and speedy tool for RFQ generation; on average 24% of RFQs are late
Accurate material cost calculation, in minutes, accounting for processing and tooling constraints on coil layouts
Identifies critical product and process design changes to yield a 5-15% material cost reduction
More than 70% productivity improvement in evaluating multiple costing scenarios


The ONLY Regenerative and Associative environment for fast and accurate blank generation, nest evaluation and material cost reductions; uses the most accurate blank development engine as well as the most accurate nesting engine
Simulates multiple costing scenarios in minutes, using a fully regenerative and associative environment
Produces fully optimized blanks and nesting layouts for cut-off dies, one-up, two-up, and mirrored nesting configuration
Constrains pitch, coil width, and blank rotation to ensure nest layout is compatible with your manufacturing equipment