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Midas nGen 2017 v2.1_Structural Design & Analysis

Integrated Solution
System for Building
and General Structures

With its intuitive user interface, contemporary computer graphics and powerful solver, midas Gen enables practicing engineers to readily perform structural analysis and design for conventional and complex structures. midas Gen utilizes a diverse range of specialty finite element analysis functions as well as modern theories of structural analysis to render accurate and practical results. These features contribute to higher and unprecedented standards of convenience, efficiency, versatility and productivity for structural design.
Building and General Structure Design New Standard

User-friendly GUI

The user-oriented input/output functions are based on sophisticated and intuitive User Interface and up-to-date Computer Graphics techniques. They offer excellent facilities and productivity for the modeling and analysis of complex, large-scale structures.
Interface Details
Intuitive Modeling

midas Gen enables us to readily create nodes and elements as if we were drawing drawings using the majority of functions used in CAD programs. Structures of regular patterns such as Truss, Arch and Frame can be readily created by Structure Wizard and inserted into the desired location on the global model.
midas Gen supports conventional model generation using nodes and elements as well as other means of generating models via data conversion. Data Transfer with Tekla Structure, Revit Structures is possible.
Modeling Details
Complete Analysis Options

midas Gen provides linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities. A large collection of finite elements has been implemented for applications in civil and building structures. The program’s efficient analysis algorithms yield exceptional versatility and accurate results appropriate for practical design applications.
Analysis Details
Powerful Post-Processor

The post-processor can automatically create load combinations in accordance with specified design standards. Changing the type of display can produce various forms of graphic output. Practically all the results can be animated, namely, mode shapes, time history results of displacements and member forces, dynamic analysis results and static analysis results.
Output Details
Auto Design

Midas Gen provides various design check features including:
Eurocode & American specifications Bending, shear & torsional strength scheck; Meshed slab & wall design; General Section Designer; Automatic generation of load combinations in accordance with various design codes.
Design Det
Product:Midas nGen 2017 v2.1_Structural Design & Analysis