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ESPRIT v2017 B19.17.170.1178

DP Technology ESPRIT v2017 B19.17.170.1178
ESPRIT 2017 delivers a smarter, simpler, faster machining process with expert toolpath, streamlined user control, and accelerated processing power. Discover sophisticated simplicity in ESPRIT 2017 with enhanced milling and turning strategies, faster calculation of in-process stock, and new 3-axis and wire EDM functions.
ESPRIT 5-axis

With ESPRIT you can take full advantage of the benefits of 5-axis machining. ESPRIT provides the most powerful composite milling cycle, an exclusive channel roughing cycle, a high speed spiral finishing cycle, a 4-axis roughing cycle and a high performance barrel tool cycle for 5-axis finishing and semi-finishing. ESPRIT also offers special application strategies for machining blisks, impellers and turbines so it meets any industry\’s 5-axis machining requirements.
Production Milling with 5-axis Machines
ESPRIT SolidMill Production adds 5-axis machining capability to ESPRIT\’s milling cycles. Programmers can use multiple fixture offset with local or global work coordinates to machine any part face, using any ESPRIT machining cycle. ESPRIT\’s 5-axis indexing supports any combination of rotary tables and tilting heads to orient the part, then machines with 2 1/2 and 3-axis operations using one or more ESPRIT cycles.
Product:ESPRIT v2017 B19.17.170.1178
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