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AGi32 v18.0

AGi32 18
AGi32 is first and foremost, a Calculation tool for accurate photometric predictions: A technical tool that can compute illuminance in any situation, assist in luminaire placement and aiming, and validate adherence to any number of lighting criterion.
However, there is so much more that can be done to enhance the understanding of photometric results. Visualization is extremely important to comprehend changes in luminance for different materials and surface properties and predict the effect of various luminaire designs in real-world, light and surface interaction.

With the ability to see results clearly for an entire project, AGi32 becomes a mock-up substitute that can save time and money by creating a virtual model of a proposed design. It can reveal characteristics and effects that would be hard to detect in anything short of the completed installation.

In the practice of professional lighting design and analysis, AGi32 can be indispensable in your arsenal of design tools. And now, with our new multi-processor capable calculation engine, your work will be complete in only a fraction of the time!
AGi32 is a computational program that performs numerical point-by-point calculations of direct or reflected light incident on any real surface or imaginary plane. Within this scope, it is used to predict or quantify the distribution of artificial or natural light in any environment.

Calculation Methods

AGi32 allows you to select from two calculation techniques when simulating a lighting application: Direct Calculation Method and Full Radiosity Method. The use of either method has its merits and is an important choice you will need to make for any application. It is easy to move from one to the other and simply repeat the calculation.

Direct Calculation Method

Direct Calculation Method is a simplified calculation technique to be used when reflected light need not be considered in the results. This method lends itself particularly well to exterior lighting applications such as site lighting, roadway and sports applications. It may also be utilized for fast direct light calculations in interior facilities. Direct method is capable of point-by-point results only, it cannot be rendered. The obstructive nature of surfaces is considered.

AGi32 Direct calculation

Full Radiosity Method

The Full Radiosity Method enables all the features found in AGi32 for the accurate computation of interreflected light. Full Radiosity Method is required for interior lighting applications where interreflected light and indirect lighting are important or when rendering is desired. Due to the rigorous nature of interreflected lighting calculations, Full Radiosity Method projects will always require additional run time over Direct Method projects of the same scale.
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