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IHS Kingdom SMT 2016.1

IHS Kingdom SMT 2016.1

Always back up each project before opening it in a new release.

Kingdom 2016
.1 requires the use of a SQL Server Express, SQL Server, or Oracle database.

Kingdom 2016
.1 utilizes the
latest Microsoft technology and requires Microsoft .NET Framework
versions 3.5 and 4.5.2, which
automatically installed during the Kingdom installation if not already
pgrading from 2015 or earlier to 2016
The following items are unique to a Kingdom 2016 project upgrade:

Kingdom 2016 cannot automatically upgrade projects from version 8.6 or earlier. You must first
upgrade any 8.6 or earlier versions of Kingdom projects to a minimum of version 8.7 before you can
upgrade them to Kingdom 2016.

Kingdom 2016 is only backwards compatible with Kingdom 2015 Hot Fix 4. Once you upgrade to
Kingdom 2016, any existing projects you try to open with Kingdom 2016 must be upgraded and once
upgraded projects are no longer usable by any previous version of Kingdom except K
ingdom 2015
Hot Fix 4.

After you upgrade a project to Kingdom 2016, you need to re-
import any raster log image and
calibration files. If you calibrated any raster files in Kingdom, you must first export them using
Kingdom 2015
Hot Fix 4
, and then import them into Kingdom 2016.

If you previously imported production data into your project using Direct Connect, you need to delete
and re-
import your production data to prevent data duplication errors
Product:IHS Kingdom SMT 2016.1