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tesseral pro 5.0.1

tesseral pro 5.0.1
Tesseral Pro

Full wave modeling & ray-tracing for oil and gas fields

Tesseral Pro is a new software implementation based on the Tesseral 2D package. It includes additional tools such as ray tracing and it is intended to be used for the interactive analysis and examination of depth-velocity models of oil and gas fields by using geological – geophysical data bases.

The software allows creating depth velocity models from well log data, maps of geological surfaces, 2D and 3D seismic velocity models, for the calculation of synthetic data from 2D built models and as well as the preparation of the 2.5D calculation assignment.

Tesseral Pro enables the creation of thin-layered models capable of high precision and modeling feasibility. Along with well log data, the user can enter additional data such as: well\’s coordinates and inclinometry, stratigraphic arrangements, fault information, horizon maps etc.
Product:tesseral pro 5.0.1