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CGG Furgo Jason V9.6.1

Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization
The advanced seismic reservoir characterization software products and workflows within the Jason Workbench yield timely answers to mitigate risk. Jason technology supports critical decisions for geoscientists and engineers to optimize well productivity, field development, and reservoir management.
Now Available Jason 9.6.1 | May 2017:
Continuous improvements bring added value to any workflow. We list several highlights for version 9.6.1:

Enhancements to remote access and inversion batch accelerators to utilize your hardware to its full potential
Facies & Fluid Probabilities module now allows multiple properties within the same type-class for input volumes
Improved usability to Estimate Multi Stacks Wavelets such as saving and retrieving wavelets in the Seismic Definition Editor
Improved usability to Well Editor such as saving and restoring sessions and parameters
Increase performance on large geostatistical inversion projects
New ESRI shape files import make it easier to use the industry standard for shape files
Improvements to 3D view for bricking and caching
And many other improvements throughout the Jason Workbench
Product:CGG Furgo Jason V9.6.1