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AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 11.2

AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 11.2
Designed for ultimate flexibility, STK will model your system and help solve problems never before possible without the multi-domain picture in perspective.
STK Highlights

Model with an accurate Earth representation in time and space.
Support cloud and server-based architectures with flexible development kits and components.
Add streaming imagery and terrain, or any kind of map and GIS data.
Define realistic and accurate, idealistic, or user-ingested dynamic vehicles.
Add vehicle orientation, pointing, and sensor fields of view.
Report or define new points, vectors, angles, axes and coordinate systems.
Run in real time or simulate in past or future time.
Analyze complex physical relationships between all the vehicles, sensors and environment.
Report, graph or export the results.
Visualize the scenario in any way imaginable in a 3D environment.
Create videos, custom views or images to clearly convey results.
Integrate, customize or extend capability with the open API and file formats.
product:AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 11.2