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AutoFormplus R7.0.2 is the second released patch version of AutoFormplus R7 and is available for download on our website from February 28, 2017.
With the AutoFormplus R7.0.2 patch two significant bugs in AutoFormplus Stand-alone have been fixed. Please refer to the Release Notes of the AutoFormplus R7.0.1 patch to be informed about the Fixed Bugs for that version.
NOTE: There are no changes in AutoForm-Solverplus R7.0.2 which means that simulation results are identical to those of AutoForm-Solverplus R7!
The compatibility of data files between AutoFormplus R7 and AutoFormplus R7.0.2 is bi-directional, meaning that data files created with AutoFormplus R7.0.2 can be processed in AutoFormplus R7 and vice versa.