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When developing Tekla Structures 2016i, we have continued listening to our customers: The user interface introduced earlier this year now has new functionalities, and you can customize the ribbon to personalize the software and make it suit the way you work. Increase productivity by editing the ribbon to contain the commands you use most.
Tekla Model Sharing

When it comes to Tekla Model Sharing, the new role-based access rights make managing the editing rights of a project participant easier, while the new organization locks can protect your work. You can work with other organizations and different project roles with confidence and security.

Drawing and sketching drawings has become much easier and more flexible. Enhancements on hatching, reference models in drawings and printing make it easier to create plans and construction drawings and also clarify and annotate drawings with manual details.

Structural steel

This very first release of bent plates brings a simple but structured approach that allows you to build up complex bent plates and create anything from simple bent angles and clips to folded boxes, spiral stringer plates, folded profiles and more. From your model you can create NC data of the unfolded plates for nesting and fabrication, or drawings that include bend line and radius information.
Precast concrete

For precast concrete, the new way to model and detail all concrete walls efficiently and flexibly with Wall layout and Detailing manager functionalities were introduced earlier this year. Developing tools for working with wall structures has continued and now Tekla Structures 2016i brings new reinforcement functionalities and modeling features, which support efficient detailing work with double wall structures.
Cast in place concrete

The new version continues to improve quick and easy information management. The latest development of Tekla\’s unique pour concept is Pour unit functionality. A Pour unit is a management unit that consists of a pour object and all related reinforcement, concrete accessories and formwork that needs to be in place before concrete can be poured on site. All relevant information and quantities are automatically linked to pour unit they belong to, which makes managing information with the model and creating material reports and pour schedules easy and effective.

With the arrival of Tekla Structures 2016i, new information management and communication features for structural engineering now allow creation of even more valuable models than before. Production of more effective – and better looking – general arrangement drawings becomes faster and easier with special line type tools, improved sketching tools (lines, polylines and polygons), easy elevation marking and hatching enhancements.