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DAPT-PT/RC is a highly efficient, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use software for the analysis, design, and investigation of any concrete project. It supports concrete beams, pan joist, one-way and two-way slabs systems – for conventionally reinforced (RC) and/or post-tensioned (PT) projects. Imagine the benefit of only maintaining one software and learning one workflow for all PT&RC beam and slab designs. The new ADAPT-PT/RC is designed for engineers that need the flexibility of designing both types of projects efficiently, without the added hassle and cost of maintaining multiple software licenses. Seamlessly jump between PT and RC modes of the software or convert a model you are working on in the same program session. Beyond offering the flexibility of designing both RC and PT projects, this new release includes improvements in the modeling workflow, advanced analysis capabilities, expanded DXF output, and greater reporting options.
Product:ADAPT-PTRC 2016