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IHS Harmony 2016.1

IHS Harmony 2016.1
IHS Harmony™ is a comprehensive desktop engineering application for analyzing oil and gas well performance and evaluating reserves. Utilize our full suite of robust reservoir engineering tools enhanced with a map-based interface. Create common corporate workflows that harness your organization\’s technical expertise, and share interpretations to determine the best asset development strategies.

Bring efficiencies and value:

Extract maximum value from well performance data as efficiently as possible
Improve technical decisions with advanced, reservoir models
Reduce IT overhead and training efforts by combining multiple applications into one
Drive work efficiencies and uncover unrecognized value with defensible scientific analysis
History match more wells with less time using the Multiphase Hybrid model, the fastest numerical model on the market
Leverage a new multi-user path for decline curve analysis (this separately licensed software of IHS Harmony Forecast expands on our existing petroleum well analysis technology by making it scalable, collaborative, and suitable for large or small IT environments)

Harmony’s Multi-User Platform

IHS has released the first multi-user platform module, IHS Harmony Forecast. Harmony Forecast takes the proven value of single-user Harmony DeclinePlus familiar to many, and extends it to work better than ever for teams of users. Engineers and other analysts are faced with an ever-increasing number of wells to analyze, and often need to collaborate with others so that a confident final interpretation of well performance can be delivered.
Product:IHS Harmony 2016.1