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GeoTeric 2016.1

GeoTeric 2016.1
GeoTeric supports a complete post-stack seismic interpretation workflow from data conditioning to delineation of the geological elements required to build a 3D model. Based around the Geological Expression approach, GeoTeric combines advanced algorithms with intelligent user interface design to ensure the software is easy to use and delivers maximum productivity.

GeoTeric, gives you the power to interpret 3D seismic data more effectively and efficiently, screen & rank prospects much more quickly and to reveal information from seismic data that has not been seen before. This means your time is spent exploring and understanding the imaged geology allowing you to have full confidence in the geological models you produce.

With GeoTeric you develop a more in-depth understanding of the geology through intuitively examining different interpretation scenarios leading to a more detailed understanding of key reservoir factors such as extent, thickness, continuity and potential fluid migration pathways.

GeoTeric helps ensure that all team members – engineers, geophysicists, geologists and managers – have a full understanding of the geology.
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