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solidThinking Compose is a high level, matrix-based numerical computing
? language as well as an interactive & unified programming environment for
? all types of math. Whether you\’re looking to solve matrix analysis,
? differential equations, perform signal analysis or robustly study
? control design, Compose not only offers its users with a modern,
? comprehensive set of tools to enable rapid development but also offers a
? powerful engine and an interactive debugging environment for streamlined
? troubleshooting.
? The new release of solidThinking Compose 2016 offers exciting features
? including:
? – High-level matrix-based interpreted language for numerical computing
? – Integrated development environment for authoring and debugging all
? types of math including multi-language support
? – Extensive math libraries
? – Built-in connectivity to pre/post-process engineering and Computer
? Aided Engineering (CAE) data
? – Interactive command line interface
? – Batch oriented language