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IHS Questor 2016

Discover accurate cost projections for all of your E&P projects

How do you estimate your project lifecycle costs?

Used by more than 500 energy estimators and managers in 50 countries, QUE$TOR® software provides concept screening, optimization and detailed oil and gas CAPEX/OPEX cost estimates. The QUE$TOR application suite includes QUE$TOR Offshore, QUE$TOR Onshore and QUE$TOR LNG Regasification modules. With our comprehensive cost database for numerous attributes, technologies and equipment, cost estimation engineers, financial analysts, executives and M&A analysts use the software to:

Accurately model oil/gas expenditures and production
Create development scheduling
Save hundreds of hours in research and analysis
Support feasibility and pre-FEED studies and concept selection
Support l cost management for multiple upstream, LNG and offshore projects
Access latest global cost information with bi-annual updates on more than 60,000 cost points

Topsides from simple wellheads to complex drilling, production and quarters (DPQ) platforms
Lightweight structures and conventional 3, 4, 6 and 8 legged jackets, caissons and guyed towers
Conventional condeep and slimline monotower gravity-based structure designs
Infield flowlines, export pipelines, power cables, multiple riser types and tie-in options
CALM Buoys, SALMs and Floating Off-shore Loading Platforms with storage
Semis-submersibles, FPSOs, Barges, Spar Buoys, Cylindrical hulls and Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs)
Fixed or mobile drilling rigs, multiple well profile types and multilaterals
Subsea templates, clusters, satellites, manifolds, flowlines, umbilicals and risers

Onshore Coverage
LNG Regas Onshore Coverage
QUESTOR Project Modeling, Evaluation, and Decision Support

Contact us for details on QUE$TOR training for E&P professionals engaged in screening E&P opportunities or generating project or portfolio level economics. Training topics include:

Introduction to QUE$TOR Offshore
Cost estimate methodology overview
Review of cost databases and how to modify the data to create user-defined databases
Review of primary input data
Use of the Field Development Schematic (FDS)
Offshore components: Topsides, Jackets, Drilling, Pipelines, Floaters and Subsea components
Onshore components: Drilling, Wellpad groups, Production facilities, Terminals, Pipelines and Infrastructure
Capex Scheduling
Database editing
Report generating and printing
Product:IHS Questor 2016