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ARANZ Geo (ex. Zaparo) Leapfrog v3.0.1

ARANZ Geo (ex. Zaparo) Leapfrog v3.0.1
Leapfrog is the leading 3D geological modelling
software for the mining, exploration, groundwater
contamination, and geothermal energy industries
Leapfrog Geo is a workflow solution for geological modelling. It harnesses the full power of the Leapfrog engine, to create the time and opportunity to reduce risk associated with geological modelling.
Concerns that impact on risk:

Model confidence & robustness
Can we rely on the model? Have we considered different scenarios and hypotheses?
Evaluation thoroughness
Have we had the opportunity to carry out proper evaluation?
Model relevance
How up-to-date is the model? Have we made use of the latest information?
How was the model produced? How were decisions reached?
Do we clearly understand the geology?
Can we confidently explain the model for consensus and buy-in?

Fast-track understanding, enhance productivity & reduce risk

Leapfrog Geo delivers flexible geological modelling that fast-tracks understanding, enhances productivity and reduces risk.

Powerful workflows guide users through the model build process. The chronology table gives the flexibility to test multiple hypotheses, increasing confidence. The latest information can be easily incorporated, increasing robustness. And formalising the model build process allows for easy auditing and verification. Being able to stand back and see the big picture and communicate findings effectively, increases confidence.

The benefits for you and your organisation are impressive.
product:ARANZ Geo (ex. Zaparo) Leapfrog v3.0.1