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RebarCAD v9.09

RebarCAD v9.09
Since the introduction of RebarCAD to North America CADS has established an enviable reputation for providing expertise as well as fast, accurate software for rebar detailers. Running in AutoCAD, RebarCAD has been the market leading rebar detailing software in the USA for over 15 years. RebarCAD’s success is due to its advanced detailing features and technical excellence, which include integration with major fabrication production software. If you are a CAD Manager you will find it easy to recruit trained and experienced technicians for such an industry standard solution, whilst the level of support, advice and expertise available through our help desk will impress all users.
CRSI Working closely with production software providers, bodies such as CRSI and customers themselves has also enabled us to ensure our software meets the latest (bend type) requirements. RebarCAD can detail any RC structure and has been successfully used on all sorts of building, transportation, water, process and power projects including precast concrete elements.

Easy to use and fully integrated with AutoCAD
Extensive library of bend types
Powerful editing and revision features
Reduced checking required and virtual elimination of errors
Automatic RC detailing macros
Advance scaling functionality (CADS Viewport Manager)
Industry standard solution with wide user base
Links to bar fabrication systems
Easily configured and customized to reflect working and corporate requirements
International versions for UK, India and South Africa
Product:RebarCAD v9.09