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SurfaceWorks is an add-on product to SolidWorks Corporation\’s 3D solid modeling application which synergistically combines solid and surface modeling for mechanical engineering and industrial design. SurfaceWorks enables SolidWorks users to model surfaces which would be difficult or impossible to model with SolidWorks. The SurfaceWorks user will be able to incorporate SurfaceWorks surfaces into the design of SolidWorks parts and maintain 100% editability.

SurfaceWorks is a Windows native application that runs on PCs and is fully associative with SolidWorks.
Solid basis in mature technology

SurfaceWorks is based on Relational Geometry, AeroHydro\’s revolutionary, patented surfacing engine. AeroHydro pioneered CAD software for designing ships and boats more than 25 years ago, and continues to develop sophisticated surfacing applications for the CAD industry.

SurfaceWorks leverages AeroHydro\’s many years of experience developing high-end surface modeling technology. It combines AeroHydro\’s industrial strength surface modeling technology with SolidWorks\’ world-class solid modeling which results in an unprecedented combination of powerful, easy-to-use industrial design software.