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Powerlog 9.1

Powerlog 9.1
Data is the heart of petrophysical analysis—and PowerLog. All data are available for your inspection, in both graphical and tabular form. Any item managed by PowerLog—from a well to a top, curve or other—can be selected, viewed and edited. Any collection of items can be grouped together, and these groups are also managed as items that can be selected, viewed and edited.
PowerLog Log Plot with Image LogEvery change you make in PowerLog, whether through a process, viewer or table, automatically updates everywhere the data appears. A change made in the crossplot viewer, for example, will cause an update to the histogram view. Likewise, a change in one process will update others that share the data.
PowerLog honors the original imported data and automatically links key non-log data to processes based on user selection. Log data is commonly available in a mixture of increments between 6 inches and as little as 1/10 inch. PowerLog honors these measures and handles interpolation and extrapolation during processing and output so you don\’t have to do so. Both units and measures are preserved, making the analysis as true to the data as possible. For example, when data such as Rm appears in the log header, it can be captured and fed directly to the associated process so that when a correction is needed the parameter is already set.
Product:Powerlog 9.1