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Limcon V3 is a powerful aid for the design of steel connections.
Features include:
Checking to AISC 360, CSA S16, BS 5950, EC3, AS 4100, NZS 3404.
Many connection types, including bolt and weld groups.
Virtual reality view of connections.
Integrated detailing with DXF output.
SI metric or US customary units.
Professional support.
For each connection type a specific dialog box shows a diagram of the connection and offers logically grouped data input. The connection diagram may be switched between a detail of the connection and an input parameter key diagram. All connection details including steel section, plate dimensions and grade, bolting configuration, and weld details are accessible through the connection dialog box. A virtual reality view of the connection may be displayed as an additional aid for checking input data. Results of capacity checks are displayed in the lower window of the dialog box. There are buttons to generate a CAD DXF detail and to print a full report with results of checks on each limit state included in the model.
Size:24 MB