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CAD is a must have tool for all Jewellers, with its easy interface and its fast editing tools. The world markets have changed\” without having to stock large inventories. CAD offers you this.

1. Image
Draw your masterpiece on a paper or directly imagine it. Soon it will be a 3D object!

2. Create 3D
Create your dreamed models quickly, easily and comfortable!

3. Manufacture & Sell
Output for manufacturing! Send your CAD file to manufacturing and/or market it!
Jewelry Builders. Quick!
Amazing tools to easily create shanks, gems, bezels, heads, signet rings, chains, channels,… in just a few clicks and editable!

Stone Setting. Unique!
The most powerful pave tool out there! Create unique paves with the ease to modify anything!

Imagine the Impossible. Freeform!
Traditional Touch with de latest tech. Create organic shapes by pulling-pushing with the Clayoo tool.

I like Drawing!
Start working from your images! Scan your drawing/sketch, get the curves and start building the 3D from it!

Reliefs, Texturing, Logos and Medallions
Create advanced reliefs by selecting a curve and define the profile with the powerful RhinoEmboss tool. As easy as it sounds!

The Only CAD with the full Swarovski Elements
Full catalog of Swarovski Elements. Over 1000! Extraordinary!

Render & Animation
Includes Real Time Render and full compatibility with the best render softwares out there! Create astonishing renders & videos.

Total Control of Your Piece
Get full analysis to get the report of your piece as well as to know the metal prices in real time.