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Motor-CAD v9.2.5

Motor-CAD v9.2.5
Motor-CAD is a unique software package dedicated to the electromagnetic performance of motors and generators and the optimisation of their cooling. Developed more than 12 years ago, Motor-CAD is used by major motor manufacturers and universities worldwide.

Motor-CAD provides the ability to quickly and easily perform electromagnetic and thermal performance tests on prototype designs. Accurate electromagnetic and thermal calculations can be done in seconds. The results are presented in an easy to understand form for analysis to allow design decisions to be taken in an efficient manner.

The software has a carefully constructed user interface that makes for easy data input and interpretation of results. Many of the features that make Motor-CAD the perfect optimisation tool have been developed in close consultation with customers to meet the needs of the industry. This image shows the 3D view of the motor from within Motor-CAD.
Product:Motor-CAD v9.2.5