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FRACPRO 2015 v10.8

Empowering enhanced fracture design and execution
FRACPRO is our fracture software business that has developed the industry’s leading fracture design, analysis and monitoring software. FRACPRO software is used by E&P and service companies, consultants and universities around the world.

The versatile FRACPRO software portfolio provides unparalleled fracture design, analysis and monitoring capabilities that enable the engineering and execution of fracture designs to optimize production, recovery and economic performance.

Enhance well performance
The FRACPRO design, analysis and monitoring software portfolio improves performance from your wells by utilizing built-in knowledge and real-time data to continuously evaluate and develop successful stimulation designs for any formation type, permeability or location.

Fully integrated modules to enhance ROI
FRACPRO software contains integrated modules for fracture design and analysis, economic optimization and reservoir performance.

FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software – Powerful modeling capabilities to evaluate and determine the optimum fracture geometry, proppant conductivity and the required perforation area. Our software helps you understand proppant placement, conductivity improvements and fracture dimensions. You can also measure the effects of proppant damage due to crushing, embedment, stress cycling and non-Darcy and multiphase flow.

FRACPRO XCHANGE onsite fracture monitoring software – Real-time monitoring to safeguard fracture execution software module is optimized for fracture van visual displays to enable the monitoring and refinement of fracture execution.

FRACPRO REMOTE real-time fracture operations monitoring app – Connect remote expertise in real-time to fracturing operations to respond to any challenges and safeguard fracture execution.

NETWORX fracture network simulator model – data-driven model to predict fracture geometry that provides a simple and efficient way to predict SRV in brittle shale formations.

STIMPRO matrix acidizing analysis software – comprehensive matrix acidizing analysis software that provides client-tailored libraries and data entries, with extensive reporting capabilities.

FRACPRO software can model almost limitless combinations of well configuration, proppant placement, conductivity improvements and fracture dimensions. It enables you to capture data in real-time, then export it to generate output reports, giving you full compatibility with IMEX, VIP and ECLIPSE software.
Product:FRACPRO 2015 v10.8