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Design Simulation Interactive Physics v9.0.3

Design Simulation Interactive Physics v9.0.3
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Interactive Physics is the perfect match for STEM education

Interactive PhysicsTM, the award-winning educational software from Design Simulation Technologies, makes it easy to observe, discover, and explore the physical world through exciting simulation. This easy-to-use program will support the most basic to complex topics in STEM education.

Click here to learn how NASA uses Interactive Physics to support STEM education in their teacher development program.

Watch what Interactive Physics is all about in this short video by The ScienceMan:

Create any experiment imaginable with an easy-to-use interface

Interactive Physics allows you to model, simulate, and explore a wide variety of physical phenomena, and create nearly any experiment imaginable. If you can use a mouse, you can use Interactive Physics.

Create objects by drawing circles, blocks, and polygons
Measure velocity, acceleration, force, energy, etc., in metric or English units
Create ropes, springs, dampers, pulleys, slots, actuators, and motors
Simulate contact, collisions, and friction
Vary air resistance, gravity, or material properties
View results as numbers, graphs, and animated vectors
Hear and measure sound volumes, sound frequencies, and Doppler effects
Create visually appealing presentations by attaching graphics to objects
Product:Design Simulation Interactive Physics v9.0.3