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Tecplot RS 2015 R1 2015.1.1.63937

Tecplot RS 2015 R1 2015.1.1.63937
New Interactive Equation Editor

A new calculator-style equation editor simplifies creating and modifying sets of equations for derived variables. Complete equations, including the appropriate syntax, can be entered interactively by selecting functions and existing variables from supplied lists.

Bubble Pie Charts in Tecplot RS
Water saturation shown with bubble pie charts. Update your software to Tecplot RS 2015 R1
New Bubble Plot Style

The new bubble plot enhancements allow users to present well production data in 2D and 3D grid plots through pie-chart symbols. The user assigns well variables to be displayed as pie segments, whose size is be based on the relative value. The size of the bubble can also be assigned to a production variable. Each variable may also be scaled independently to convert to consistent units. The Delta bubble option is provided to compare simulation runs or visually identify wells that do not match the observed data.

Support for Multi-Reservoir NEXUS Models

It is now possible to load and display solutions for multi-reservoir models from NEXUS simulations. Multiple reservoir grids can be viewed together or separately layer by layer. The long names for entities such as wells, regions, and network nodes are now supported for NEXUS solutions in the VDB format. Long grid names are also supported.

New Welcome Screen

When Tecplot RS is launched, you are presented with a new ‘Welcome’ screen that provides quick access to recently used projects, documentation and online resources. You can also proceed directly to data loaders. After the Welcome screen is dismissed it can be recalled at any time from the View menu.

License Roaming

Users who need to travel can now check-out a network license for their laptop computer and take it with them on trips. The user will then have access to a licensed copy of Tecplot RS while they are disconnected from the office network. The check-out process is handled efficiently from a simple utility in the Help menu.

3D Rotate Dialog

The new 3D Rotate dialog provides the capability to precisely rotate 3D plots. You can interactively specify the center of rotation and the exact angles for the plot.

What’s New in Tecplot RS 2014 Release 2
New capability allows wells to be displayed in all grids when comparing multiple grid solutions. In the image, a new option is used to display all wells in the matrix grids even though most of the wells are completed in the fracture grid. Other highlights of this release include:

Conditional Expressions in Equations. Conditional expressions are now possible using the new IF function in the Grid Equations and XY Equations utilities.
Custom 3D View. It is now possible to save a custom 3D view (rotation, zoom, etc.) using the Save Custom 3D View command in the View menu.
Improvements to Statistical Plots. The statistical plots (Histogram and Cross Plot) no longer have controls for limiting by range and/or a single LGR; these are more easily accomplished by inside views. Accordingly, the only limit options are All Cells and Visible Cells.
Displaying Wells in Grid Comparison Plots. The well display option has been enhanced to display the wells in all selected grids when comparing multiple grid solutions.
New Well Display Option for Dual Porosity Cases. A new option provides the capability to display all wells in the matrix and fracture grids, regardless of where the well is completed.
Preprocessing Performance Improvements. For new cases, Tecplot RS performs several pre-processing operations to optimize the loading of simulation data files, which significantly reduced pre-processing time.
CMG Loader. The CMG library has again been updated to support the latest version of the file format.
Product:Tecplot RS 2015 R1 2015.1.1.63937